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Every website owner wants to create a site with its own unique identity; after creation, the owner faces the challenge of ranking the site on Google. Many website owners make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) mistakes that hurt their site’s web score and limit their ranking ability on Google.

SEO is vital to growing your web brand and presence. This comes from the reduced importance of social media in driving traffic and Google becoming a vital source of generating referral traffic.

SEO helps improve a website’s ranking in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and can help reach the top rankings when appropriately used. Reaching the top of the rankings is vital as the highest-ranked website on Google gets the most visitors and traffic.

It is crucial to avoid SEO mistakes while optimizing your website for search engines. These errors might end up hurting your website’s reputation. Below are some of the harmful SEO mistakes to avoid.

1 – Choosing the wrong keywords and keyword overuse

One vital SEO strategy is choosing the right keywords to reach your target audience, but many people do contrary and hurt their site ranking. Selecting the proper keyword requires understanding your target audience. You will have first to find out what they type in the search box and then target them using those keywords.

Use the following process to determine the right keywords for your website:

  • Identify the right keyword
  • Check out competitors using similar keywords
  • Recheck the keyword to confirm its efficacy

Having found the desired keyword for your target audience, you can also use some latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords. LSI keywords help your web content rank better and faster in the search engine. They are located at the bottom of a Google results page, usually placed as suggestions.

While using appropriate keywords is invaluable to a website’s ranking, overusing keywords will also harm its ranking. Keyword overuse makes an article look annoying. It is essential to apply keywords moderately, which helps to keep the quality of your content.

2 – Undervaluing title tags and meta descriptions

Besides Keywords, title tags and meta description also play a significant role in determining how Google will rank your website.

Title tags and meta descriptions are little bits of HTML code in the header of a web page. Title tags and meta descriptions aim to help search engines understand better a page’s content. A page’s meta description and title tag are shown when that page appears in a search engine’s result page.

3 – Wrong or Irrelevant links

Links are a vital way of building a website’s authority and earning it a higher ranking. Whether inbound, outbound or a backlink, these all add to a site’s credibility, thus making it higher ranking on a search engine. But having unnecessary links on a website can hurt the authority and scale of your website.

Do not include irrelevant links on your site; keep it straight, simple, and valid to avoid hurting the website score and ranking.

4 – Having broken links

A broken link is a link to a deleted page. It is usual for pages to be continuously deleted and updated on a website. But what is wrong is having a link to a deleted page still active on your website, having many broken links sends a report to Google that your website isn’t up-to-date and that isn’t nice for your website authority score. There are plugins usually on a WordPress website, that can identify broken links.

5 – Ignoring data analytics

While data analytics may be boring and plain to look at, it should be a valuable part of your SEO strategy. Data analytics have a massive impact on how your website generates traffic. It is a pointer to how your website’s functionality addresses any problem that may arise.

It helps you understand such data as the keyword ranking of your website, the number of visitors bouncing off your website, keywords with the most traffic and those generating leads, etc.

Any analytics you use will help your website gain more authority, but the best is Google Analytics, but there are many other free SEO tools for data analytics.

6 – Poor content quality

It is vital to put in high-quality content work on your website as this, in the long run, will help drive traffic and increase your authority score on the search engine. A lot of website owners go for low quality or spammy content on their websites. While this may drive traffic initially, over time traffic decreases, hurting the website’s authority score.

7 – Wrongly targeted content

High-quality content if wrongly targeted, will be meaningless to your website’s visitors. You may have figured out your target audience, but all your efforts may go into vain if you don’t take search intent into account.

Search intent is the intent behind a search. Your internet site and content material must fulfil this intent via presenting a solution. This is why it’s indispensable to recognize what the searcher is wondering when they search for something. Your internet site desires to present a solution to the search.

For example, if a person searches “SEO” on Google, it is possible that the consumer needs to comprehend what is SEO? But, if a consumer searches for “SEO services”, that character is searching to make use of an SEO specialist or company. Both key phrases (SEO & search engine optimization Services) have a specific intent. If the keyword being searched for is “SEO Services” and your content is based on “what is SEO?” you drive traffic to your site with that content material because you cannot fulfil the intent behind the search phrase.

8 – Traditional website optimization techniques

Just the way the net is changing, search engine optimization is creating and altering too. To continue to be at the very pinnacle of the search results, you want to hold up with these adjustments and follow current search engine optimization techniques.

Today, Google is smarter than before. It can now rank for these key phrases that you have no longer noted in your content material. Recently, Google made an algorithmic replacement known as Google BERT to help Google recognize the content and user-queries faster.

If you want to be successful with SEO, you have to undertake contemporary search engine optimization techniques. Traditional search engine optimization strategies can penalize your website online; however, can’t outrank your competitors.

9 – Not updating yourself

As stated above, search engine optimization is a dynamically altering area, and you want to ensure you are up-to-date with all the trendy happenings. This is imperative because Google continues bringing out new updates now and then. If you leave out on an essential update, your internet site would possibly get affected, and you can also lose out on precious traffic.

You need to ensure your website is up to date with the brand-new search engine marketing adjustments and updates. Google launched several updates, including huge core updates like third June Core Update, Google BERT, and many others. You have to preserve yourself up to date about them.

10 – Only textual content is the content material to focus on

Probably you have heard that explanatory video clips are the future. This is true because movies are the best way to learn and people opt to watch movies over any different content material format. This is the largest purpose for the recognition of YouTube.

But it would help if you observe that movies show up on Google’s SERPs too. Google is aware that movies are the future and people like to watch videos. That’s why Google suggests them on the SERPs.

Videos also take much less time to rank on Google than textual content material and extra enticing content material format. Google, has additionally commenced, including podcasts on Google SERPs. These two content material codecs are nonetheless developing and much less aggressive than textual content. That’s why you ought to additionally centre your attention on these as a substitute rather than solely writing blog posts.


Your website’s authority rating is indispensable for it to rank in the Google search engine. And as SEO performs a superior role in rating your website, it’s OK to be aware of what can happen when you make errors. Avoiding the stated point above article will let your internet site reap a suitable authority score.

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