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GPS Tracking for Fitness and Health

In a post pandemic world, many of us are realising the importance of looking after our physical and mental wellbeing, after a year of being stuck inside and being fairly inactive. Consequently, the health and wellness industry has seen tremendous growth over the last 18 months, as the public have faced a renewed perspective on health. In 2020, the UK health and wellness industry was valued at roughly $23 billion, and it is set to grow 6% by 2022 (Statista, 2019). One part of the wellness sector which has grown exponentially, is fit-tech, or smart technology for fitness tracking. More and more devices are being created which can monitor our heart rate, speed and distance travelled. GPS trackers can be incredibly useful for activity tracking, whether the end goal is to lose weight, or simply to track our movements throughout the day.

Ability to Plan

There is nothing more frustrating than going out for a run and constantly having to refer to your map app to track how far you have travelled. Using GPS trackers from Online Spy Shop, you can effortlessly plan your run in advance, allowing you to run with a direction in mind. Using a GPS tracker, you can set up a geofence around the area you wish to run. A geofence is an area which can be digitally drawn on a map, using GPS software on your device of choice. Setting up a geofence can stop you devilating from your planned route, without having to constantly check your phone, which can be dangerous whilst running, especially in a city. If you leave your set route, an instant alert will be sent to your mobile phone, reminding you of the prearranged route. This feature can be very useful when cycling, as it eliminates the use of your phone whilst navigating roads.

Monitor and Collect Activity with Precision

GPS trackers allow you to monitor and track your activity, with the utmost precision. If you are keen to track which route you perform best on, or what time of day is best for running, you can collect this data via a GPS tracker. It is very easy to download activity data and gain a stronger understanding of your daily movements. GPS tracking data will also be more accurate than information from a smartphone, as the location services are more robust and record stop and start times more precisely.

More Reliable and Sturdy

More so, the information GPS trackers receive is much more reliable than mobile phones. Particularly when running or cycling, a glitching, lagging map can be your worst nightmare, as it takes away from exercise time. As mobile phones perform many different functions, they can be less reliable, and of course are prone to low battery life and being easily broken when dropped. Since a GPS tracker’s only purpose is to provide location, it can efficiently provide real time tracking with no disruptions. More so, it is important to remember the dangers of cycling with a mobile phone, as whilst it is not illegal, you can be fined for careless cycling if caught texting and cycling.

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