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Choose the Best SEO Agency With These 5 Simple Tips

How often have you been told that SEO is essential in the world of digital marketing? You’ve probably read lots of statistics about how it can improve your click-through rate, better the quality of your traffic, and even help you improve your overall revenue, but all of that advice comes with a catch. Good SEO campaigns are tough to do on your own. If you know anything at all about SEO, you likely know that quality SEO means hiring the best SEO agency in the business to meet your needs because SEO is actually something you can do wrong and get your business banned from the search engine listings. If you’ve ever queried a term like “Find an SEO Agency,” though, you know how many are out there. How do you select one to actually meet your needs? Just use these 5 simple tips for help!

  • Know What You Want: Every SEO agency offers a different kind of services, so understanding exactly what your goals might be can go a long way to helping you narrow your search and select the best team to meet your needs. To figure out exactly what you want, think about the areas of your online presence that needs the most attention. For example, if you really want to push your on-site sales, you may want to work with an ecommerce SEO agency that understands what’s most necessary for sites like yours.
  • Learn More About Each Option: Almost any SEO agency will make a variety of different claims. You need more than claims, though, if you’re going to get real help. Instead, unbiased opinions are the only way to get the real information you need to make certain the SEO team you’re considering really is right for you. From online reviews to testimonials and case studies, the data you need is out there, but you’ll need to sort through it to really understand how you might get along with the team.
  • Learn More About Their Tracking Methods: If you really want a closer look at efficacy rate, ask about the tracking methods deployed by an SEO agency. London firms typically use a number of different tools to effectively track key performance indicators. As you interview each team, ask what metrics they track and how they do that. If you’re working with a reliable team, they should not only be tracking rankings, but they should also be looking at leads, sales, backlinks, and even small things like the bounce rate and the click-through rate. If they’re not tracking those or using industry standard tools to track those, you may want to find another company.
  • Know What This Might Cost: You have a digital marketing budget, but how much of it do you really want to dedicate to an SEO agency? UK firms are likely to give you a price quote fairly close to the beginning of the process, so understand the potential costs involved. It can range from a few hundred pounds per month to thousands of pounds a year, depending on exactly what needs to be done. For example, a technical SEO agency might charge you quite a bit for the first few months, but once the problems with your site have been addressed, that rate is likely to go down. A local SEO agency, though, may need a twelve-month commitment to even consider taking you on as a client due to the long process involved in SEO. As you begin to spell out your needs early in the process, take into consideration how long those needs may take to achieve and how labour intensive they might be so you better understand the costs going in. Additionally, ask any SEO company to be up front with you when it comes to cost. The last thing you want is a surprise bill.
  • Don’t Just Consider SEO: SEO is a really important piece of a greater digital marketing strategy, but it’s not the only one that might help you get ahead in the long run. Instead, there are many options that work with SEO to help drive revenue, increase sales numbers, and address your conversion rate. You’ll want to think long term as you approach various SEO companies to see if you can find one that might grow with you.

Finding an SEO team to better meet your needs can be a little complex, as there are many details to consider. The key, though, is to select a team that makes your site far more visible for both search engines and people.

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